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Promote good products, Live a good life

About EFEV


Since it was established in 8 November 2001, Beijing E-feed& E-vet cooperation has dedicated itself to the introduction of advanced foreign ideals, quality products, innovative techniques and best services to Chinese feed industry and livestock companies, for improving the productivity and product qualities of these companies.


1/ For feed Industry

To advocate the use of safe and sustainable feedstuffs, EFEV has introduced into China a series of products from South America, such as fish protein concentrate, fish protein isolate, yeast protein and yeast extract. To help feed companies to reduce the use of homologous animal-origin proteins, EFEV has brought in from Europe wheat protein hydrolysis technology and products.

To support the ideal of prohibiting or limiting the use of antibiotics in feed, EFEV has brought in a series of organic acids from Europe, providing powerful tools for controlling harmful microorganisms like salmonella in feed.

EFEV is very active in promoting the use of probiotics in the feed industry, and has developed and promoted a series of probiotics and mycotoxin binders using advanced technologies from abroad. As the first company to put forward the ideal "endue feed with vitality", EFEV has always been very active in exploring the road of bio-feed industrialization, and has indirectly reduced the use of antibiotics in feed through improving feed quality and animal health.

EFEV pays close attention to the health and productivity of sows, especially their needs for dietary fibers. In doing so, EFEV has brought in from Europe the newest generation of dietary fiber, which not only solved a lot of serious problems like low fiber content in current fiber sources and mycotoxin contamination, but also provides a powerful tool for improving the crude fiber content of sow diet (especially gestation diet).

EFEV has been perseveringly promoting the mold control and moisture regulation techniques for 10 years, which have now been recognized by most large scale companies, EFEV has made its own share contribution to improving the quality of pelleted feed, improving productivity and reducing energy cost.

EFEV has also been very active in introducing and promoting new products like enzyme products, organic and environment friendly trace minerals.


2/ For animal husbandry:

Guided by the ideology of "promoting animal health from 5 interlocking links", EFEV has been doing its best to help livestock farms to build systemic protection systems from 5 interlocking links: bio-security, animal health enhancing, prevention, treatment and recovery. EFEV has introduced and promoted from Europe, Japan and Korea many kinds of biologicals, veterinary drugs, disinfectants, functional additives, many of which have already been widely known and accepted.

For ten years, EFEV has provided products and services for thousands of large scale feed companies and livestock companies, has held hundreds of technical seminars, and is among the first to promote and publicize new products and technologies in the industry. Although we have met innumerable difficulties on our road of development, and sometimes our huge investment brought us with meager profit, but EFEV has already won the recognition and trust of the industry and our customers, the impression that "EFEV provides only good products" has been deeply accepted by many customers..


"Promote good products and live a good life" is EFEV's most simple and sincere promise to our customers and employees. We summed up our experience of the past 10 years carefully and drew lessons from it, re-established our development direction and goals for the future, that is strive to quadruple our sales volume and profitability and double our employees' income within 2013--2015.

We wish to express my heartfelt thanks to our new and old customers for their years of support, and to our employees, to leaders of all sectors, cooperators and friends for their concerns and caring. We welcome people of vision to join us, to promote good products together, to live a good life together!