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     PerfectDigestTM FPI LD (Fish Peptide Isolate, liquid dispersible) is a purified and concentrated peptide derivative
produced under highly controlled and food grade conditions. The high bio-activity of the peptide and its published
references for supporting gut health generates an additive effect, more than the “measured” protein or amino acid
content provides. The product is completely water soluble and with a UMAMI flavour which is a preferred palatant
for pigs and pets in particular.
    As a result of the selective nature of the membrane filtration manufacturing process, the product contains optimum
levels of rapidly absorbed peptides and low levels of biogenic amines making PerfectDigestTM FPI LD a key tool for
supplementation through drinking water or for mixing into feed on farm or by the feed manufacturer. Performance
improvements have been demonstrated in broilers, layers, poultry breeders, piglets and sows. In particular, use in
hot climates when feed intake is low can help maintain growth and productivity in poultry and sows in lactation.

Issue Time  :  2018-09-10