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ActiveMOS promotes gastrointestinal tract health and preserves its functions, positively influencing animal performance.

Mode of Action
Studies have shown that mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) favor intestinal microbiota balance by stimulating the replication of beneficial bacteria and by agglutinating pathogens, thereby providing better intestinal health, safety, and function.

Mannan oligosaccharides are used as substrates by beneficial bacteria that ferment these compounds, producing short-chained fatty acids. These fatty acids account for the nutrition and maintenance of the health of the intestinal mucosa. Also, because they reduce the pH of the intestinal content, they create an environment that is hostile for pathogenic bacteria. In addition, important pathogenic bacteria have affinity for specific carbohydrates, particularly MOS.Therefore,mannan oligosaccharides present in the diet promote the agglutination and elimination of these pathogens, preventing them to bind to the intestinal mucosa, to proliferate, and to cause possible damage to the intestine and animal health.

- Contributes for better intestinal microbiota balance;
- Favors the growth of beneficial bacteria;
- Reduces the adhesion of Gram-negative bacteria to the intestinal mucosa;
- Contributes for the preservation of the integrity of the intestinal absorption structure, resulting in better diet digestibility and intestinal health;
- Better livestock performance and better pet intestinal health

Issue Time  :  2018-09-10